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Brent Black


Brent Black is a musician, composer, and podcaster known as brentalfloss, Trends Like These, and the Use Your Words Game. Brent is currently writing a Star Trek Parody Musical.


Episodes featuring Brent:


Elisa Hansen


Elisa Hansen is an author and musical theatre major who possesses the largest collections of Phantom of the Opera memorabilia east of the Pacific. 

Episodes featuring  Elisa:

  • Phantom of the Opera

  • Love Never Dies

Gelsey bell.jpg

Gelsey Bell


Gelsey Bell is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, best known for her experimental music and her portrayal of Princess Mary Bolkonskaya in the 2016 Broadway musical Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812.

Episodes featuring Gelsey:

  • Institute_Institute

Christina Bianco.jpg

Christina Bianco


Christina Bianco is an American actress, singer and impressionist. Bianco is best known for her theatrical work, television appearances and YouTube videos in which she impersonates celebrities, both singing and speaking.


Episodes featuring Christina:

  • Gypsy


Rachel Chan


"17 year old singing dancing acting egg"

A young actress with an amazing future ahead, and a mind blowing knowledge of Miss Saigon!

Episodes featuring Rachel:

Joey Richter.jpg

Joey Richter


Joey Richter is a current member of Team StarKid best known for playing Ron Weasley in A Very Potter Musical, as well as being the definition of perfection. His latest StarKid role was playing Ted in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals.

Episodes featuring Joey:

  • Urinetown

Kirk Hamilton.jpg

Kirk Hamilton


Kirk Hamilton  is the creator and host of the music podcast Strong Songs, as well as a saxophonist, composer and jazz educator. He also co-hosts and produces the Kotaku Splitscreen video game podcast.

Episodes featuring Kirk:

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

Adam Wachter.jpeg

Adam Wachter

Composer & Playwright

Adam Wachter is a composer, lyricist,  & music director. His original musical Tarrytown won the 2017 San Diego Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Musical. Adam  is currently on the faculty of Point Park University’s musical theatre department in Pittsburgh.


Episodes featuring Adam:

  • Merrily We Roll Along

  • Hello Dolly!


Emily Clark

Internet Personality

Emily Clark is an Actress, Musical Theatre History Buff, Teacher, Performer. Creator of Web Series STEALING FOCUS!

Episodes featuring Emily:

musical hell.jpg

Christi Esterle


Christi Esterle is the host of Musical Hell reviews and Know the Score. The series posts once a month to RVT, RT Gomer Productions, and its own site.

Episodes featuring Christi Esterle:

  • She Loves Me

  • Hadestown

Katie G Lynch.jpeg

Katie G Lynch


Kaite is the host and creator of show Backstage Bite.

Episodes featuring Christi Esterle:

  • Something Rotten

Allison Pregler.jpeg

Allison Pregler


Allison Pregler is the Unusually upbeat critic of so-bad-it's-good movies, host of Movie Nights and Baywatching.

Episodes featuring Allison:

  • Spider-man: Turn off the Dark


Angelina Meehan

Internet Personality

“A Delaware teen (and fellow fan-fiction scribe)”


Angelina is a co-writer & editor for Lindsay Ellis. A mom living out my livejournal dreams. she/her.


Episodes featuring Angelina:

Interview GUEST


Lulu Fall


LULU FALL is a singer, award-winning songwriter and actor currently based in New York. Lulu, a formally trained jazz vocalist with a musical theatre background, is one complete and unexpected package. 


Check out Lulu's Interview Here!

Edward W Hardy.jpeg

Edward W. Hardy


Edward W. Hardy is an American composer, music director, violinist and violist. He is known as the composer, co-conceiver, music director, and violinist of the Off-Broadway show The Woodsman.


Check out Edward's Interview Here!

Andrew Lippa.jpg

Andrew Lippa


Andrew Lippa is an American composer, lyricist, book writer, performer, and producer. He is a resident artist at the Ars Nova Theater in New York City.

Check out Andrew's Interview Here!

Paul Gordon.jpeg

Paul Gordon


Paul Howard Gordon is a composer of popular songs and music for the musical theatre.

Check out Paul's Interview Here!

Chris and Ellen.jpg

Chris Littler & Ellen Winter


Chris and ellen create new work in music, theater and the inbetween. They have a fierce love of collaboration and cultivating accessible, inclusive storytelling.

Check out Chris & Ellen's Interview Here!

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