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AI DND # 1 - Dear Connor Hansen

You are Evan Hansen, a rogue living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a long steel dagger and a length of rope. You walk down the city street looking for somewhere to steal from. You look around and see a couple of shops with open doors. You could easily slip in and grab a few trinkets to take with you.

> You enter first shop on the left.

You walk into the shop and immediately your senses are bombarded with the smells of new goods, the sweet smell of candy, the rotten egg smell of rotten meat, the harsh smell of smoke, the clean smell of water.

> You start crying.

You start crying and the smell of your own snot fills the air.

You cry for a few minutes but eventually you stop.

Your senses are overwhelmed with the smells in the air and you feel incredibly hungry.

> You go to ther shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is a tall man wearing a black leather jacket and a red cap.

You walk over to the man and ask him if he has any meat around his face.

> You is your name connor?

The shopkeeper looks around for a few moments before replying.

"Yeah man, what do you need?"

"Do you have a big black beard growing on your face?"

"Yeah, why?"

> You ask the shop keeper to sign your gauntlet.

"Please can you sign my gauntlet, I lost a bet."

"Ha ha, sure man, what's your name?"

"Evan Hansen."

"Alright Evan man, wait over there."

> You accidentally drop a letter.

While you wait, you accidently drop a letter and stummbling to the ground you try to pick it back up.

The shopkeeper notices this and walks over to you.

"You alright man?"

> You hold the letter out to the shopkeeper, saying nothing.

The shopkeeper notice the letter on the ground and walks over to it.

"I bet this is important, don't worry I'll sign it."

> You say: "WAIT NO! don't read that!"

The shopkeeper walks over to you and picks up the letter. He pauses for a moment looking confused before looking over to you.

"Don't worry, I won't read it."

> You say nothing, start crying again.

The shopkeeper sighs and walks back over to the desk. He sits down and hands the letter to you.

"Don't read it, it'll make you cry."

> You read the letter.

'Dear Evan,

I know you are probably a really smart kid. I bet you probably read a lot and play video games all the time too.

> You keep reading.

Anyway, I was walking home the other day and I found this really old and dusty book in a bin.

> You keep reading.

Anyway, there was a bunch of really weird writing in it, so I tried to make sense of it.

> You keep reading.

I think it has some connection to these... squares... or symbols... I don't know... anyway, there's some clues in there that could really help me solve a riddle.

> You keep reading.

I know it might seem really silly to worry about a book that you found in a trash bin, but this riddle is really important.

The papers you found told you the first part of the riddle.

> You give connor the letter, asking him to read it.

The shopkeeper reads the letter and after finishing, he looks up at you.

"Well it might not seem like it now, but this is really helpful information, I'm sure of it."

> You after a long silence tell connor his sister is really hot.

The shopkeeper laughs.

"Thanks for the letter, but that's not what I meant."

The shopkeeper begins to look worried.

"That's not what I meant..."

> You "... your sister was meant to be with me."

The shopkeeper drops his head.

"I'm sorry man, I really am."

"Was it my sister?"


You walk over and grab the shopkeeper by his collar.

> You pull him in close by the collar and tell him "your sister will marry me" in a very forceful tone.

The shopkeeper breaks down and cries.

"She's dead..."

"What happened?"

"A car crash... it was winter... it was bad weather... I couldn't help her..."

> You ask "how long has zoe been dead?"

"About two years..."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

The shopkeeper cries for a while before stopping and apologizing again.

"I'm a wreck, I can't cry any more..."

> You "i didnt think you two got along?"

"We didn't, but you can see how much of a wreck I am, it makes me a mess. You'll move away soon right?"

"Pretty certain of it..."

> You ask connor "will you come with me?"

"You serious?"

"Of course I am, now you in a place now that you're dead, wouldn't it be great to move on?"

Connor pauses for a while before replying.

> You put a hand on his cheek.

"You can speak to me about anything man..."

"Well... I mean there's always the possibility that she might come back to you in the future... I mean, ghosts exist..."

> You "no one deserves to be forgotten"

Connor smirks.

"Maybe not, but it doesn't seem likely."

You sigh.

"I'm sorry, I just can't make any promises."

Connor shrugs.

> You tell connor "you read the letter, you know whats at stake, please come witrh me"

Connor reads the letter, his expression becomes grim.

"Well, I can't say that I'm not moved by that... but I can't say I'm doing this for the right reasons."

> You "so you *are* coming with me?"

"Yeah, I'm in. However, I want something."


"I want to be the one to kill the beast."

"That's not a real job description."

> You "what are we waiting for? let's avenge zoe!"

"I want to take care of things first. Get all the information we need, build up some trust and then ambush the beast."

"Are you sure zoe would've wanted that?"

Connor shrugs.

> You wait for the next morning, then go to find connor and head to the beasts lair.

You wait around for a bit and then you see Connor walking towards you.

"I'm ready, so are we driving to the animal shelter now?"

> You "get in the car."

"Let's go!"

You follow after Connor as he leads the way to where he knows the animal shelter is located. It isn't too far of a walk.

> You enter the animal shelter with connor.

You walk inside with Connor and he heads straight for the counter.

"Is connor rich?" a man asks.

"why are you asking me?" connor asks.

> You "his family is rich, connor isn't"

"Ha, I knew that."

"Excuse me?"

"I know you're part of the rich kid's clique. I can spot you a mile away you know."

> You ask the man "your name is jared, right?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"When we get out of this hell hole, I'm going to kick your teeth in."

The man laughs as you walk forward.

> You ask connor, "what weapons do you have?"

Connor pulls out a switch blade and pushes it into the man's arm, he yelps in pain.

"Time for some truth."

The man nods nervously.

"Got any weapons?"

> You use the rope to tie up jared.

You tie up jared with the rope and keep the knife handy in case he makes a run for it. After searching him, you find nothing on him, he must have an extra set of clothes or something.

> You ask connor, "should we kill him?"

"It's up to you. I did ask him a question and he dissmissed me. You can't really blame me for pulling out my knife."

> You ask jared, "why should we keep you alive... in this animal shelter?"

"It's for my protection."

You grab your knife and approach jared.

"No, he should be killed on the spot for disobeying a direct order."

Connor grabs you and shakes his head.

> You "i thought you wanted to kill him, connor?"

"I know, I'm having second thoughts."

You shake your head and throw the rope at jared.

"I'll do it."

You grab the knife and approach him.

> You "before i kill you, what do you know about the death of zoe murphy?"


You throw the knife and it sticks in his arm.

"I'M going to ask you questions, and I want honest answers!"

"I'm not the one who killed her."

> You "then who did"

"I don't know, I swear!"

Connor punches him in the face and you kick him, it's enough to knock him out but not enough to really hurt him.

> You cut out jared's tongue. then say "now he really has nothing to say."

You look at your partner as you pull out the knife.

"What are you doing?"

"Making sure he can't talk."

> You continue walking into the animal shelter.

You walk in the building with your partner and look around. It doesn't look like anyone is here, or at least you can't see anyone.

> You ask connor if he smells the beast.

"Yes, it's definitely in here."

"Do you think it escaped?"

"Not likely, we would've been found by now."

> You use the detect evil spell.

You feel a faint tingle in your spine, but nothing else.

"I don't sense anything."

Connor sighs and walks further into the shelter.

"Did you hear that?" he whispers.

> You listen closely.

You hear the sound of squeaking, it's almost drowned out by the rain but it got your full attention.

"I heard it."

Connor nods.

"Let's investigate."

> You go further into the animal shelter.

You are about to duck under a fallen beam when you hear some one call out to you.

"Hey stop, it's me!"

The voice is female and young.

> You "zoe? is that you?"

"Yes, and thanks to you, my brother is also alive!"

You look up and see a girl with short brown hair.

> You ask connor if this is real.

He nods.

"It's her, and she is real."

"My brother was killed by the beast, and you saved his life!"

"I did what I could."

> You ask zoe, "how could connor have been killed by the beast when he has been with us the whole time?"

"He betrayed us and went with that monster!"

"That's not true!" Connor protests. "How do you know this?"

> You look at connor is disbelief.

Connor has a large bandage over his right eye and his left eyebrow is heavily bruised. His nose is also obviously broken and there is blood on his face. He has a sling on his left arm.

> You "wait, you're not connor at all?! you're evan hansen!" but who does that make you\?

"He isn't connor, he is ev Evan Hansen." He says in a confused manner.

"I'm sorry but who are you?" You ask the boy who has been identified as Evan

> You ask zoe to explain everything to you.

"He is ev Evan Hansen, a gifted wizard from the hansen family of wizards."


Conner looks at you in disbelief.

> You suddenly everything is clear. This is the riddle the letter mentioned.

"I think I understand now, this was all a riddle...?"

"Yes, I figured as much, but isn't conner hansen the answer to the riddle?" Connor asks.

> You realize the true answer to the riddle. It is a perfect blend of connor and evan.

"Exactly, conner hansen is a formed combination of the two that perfectly represents them both."

Zoe looks at you with confusion.

"Well what the hell does that mean?"

> You kiss connor, merging the two of you together creating the perfect being, connor hansen.

You look at conner and then at ev Evan before kissing him. The two of you merge, creating a perfect being of the two of you, perfect in almost everyway.

> You as connor hansen say, "hello zoe, it is I, Connor Hansen. Do not be frightened."

"Um, who is that?"

"He is me, you saved my life, and I am honored to finally meet you."

Your look of confusion quickly changes to a smile as you realize who this is.

> You realize the beast was within you all, and now that he is defeated you can all return home.

You look at your reflection in a nearby puddle. Your face is heavily scarred, but the deep purple of his eyes screams out that you are conner hansen.

> You walk off into the sunset with Zoe, ready to live happily ever after.

You begin walking towards the horizon, followed by Connor and then finally Evan.

"Zoe, as I traveled further from home I realized what a fool I was to leave in the first place."

> You will be found.

You look at the horizon once more as you begin to disappear from sight.

"You'll see them again, they're the perfect blend of you and I. Like we are."

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